Loch Ness music video tells Nessie story

Loch Ness music video tells Nessie story

This production has been in the works for decades and is soon to be released as a “single” by the Parlor Jones Project. The Loch Ness music video tells Nessie story in lyrics set to the video in teleprompter karaoke style.

Fourteen hundred years ago, the myth of Nessie sightings began along Urquhart Bay in Scotland. Is it a myth or reality? Although extensive searches have been conducted with very expensive cameras and sonar devices used, the vast area that connects the many lochs makes it virtually impossible to conclusively rule out her existence. If she were a sunken ship on the lake bottom it might be one thing but a moving object would be entirely another thing.

So when one wonders what food source would keep her alive, one must ask if she could live this long without being seen or caught. Many have claimed to spot her and some photos claim to be proof but that still remains the mystery.

In this music production, Parlor Jones keeps the folklore alive with this intimate uplifting song that pleads with Nessie to “show her face to us before they call you fraud”, “you’ve held out on us long enough to make them all applaud”.

The complete song and video are set for release this spring just in time for the tourist season in Scotland so that all can sing this song to her from the tour boat cruises along Loch Ness.

Watch for the video on Youtube as well as the song on streaming music sources like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and many others worldwide. You can purchase the song on CDBaby directly as well with the option to hear the entire song before you buy and the release date will be posted in the days ahead.

The musicians are Parlor Jones on guitars and vocals, Sandy Holcomb on lead vocals, Mike Sundae on keyboard synths and Joey Dunlop on bass guitar. The recording was done in Orlando, Florida at Secret Garden Studios and engineered by Parlor Jones. The words and music were written by Gary Davids.