SPECIAL THANKS to so many talented people in O’Town

Hard work and SPECIAL THANKS to so many talented people in O’Town, Orlando, FL

SPECIAL THANKS to so many talented people in O'Town
SPECIAL THANKS to so many talented people in O’Town

I appreciate the fact that so many friends have shown support of what I have been doing in the central Florida music scene and for your comments on social media. I would not be where I am today without all of you and what you have done. I hear people say I deserve successes because of the hard work I do but it is all of you that have worked hard too and for my benefit no less.

I would like to start by thanking the following people for their support and hard work in making the new music releases possible over the past years. You either inspired some of the songs or co-wrote them or you worked on them in the studio or you donated to the cause with gear and to you I am ever so grateful.

Eliot Falk, Stephen Plotnick, the late great Jeff Drake, Bob Markos, Joey Dunlop, Perry Sheldon, JoAnn Hudson, Jann Childers, Donald Wright, Jim Kolter, Marlon Savarino, Marcy Weston, Mike Arminio, Mike Sundae, Bruce Reynolds, Benjamin Vasquez, Carol Aleca, Lyle Garns, Mary Shafer, Gail Michaels, Rex Stephenson, Betsy Serafin, Carmen LaVie, Carol Ford Keck, Sylvia Babuljak, Debra Christopher, Sandy Holcomb, Tom White, Bry Carling, Joe Orlando and Steve Falter.

Albums, singles, mothers and masters in music production
Albums, singles, mothers and masters in music production.

I would like to thank my wife Marti Davids first and foremost for traveling this journey with me for the past 27 years through the good times and the not so good times. You stuck with me through all of it and you deserve a medal at the very least.

On another front, a new digital album of more original tunes is in the works and hopefully will be released very soon.

Today I was approved as a certified artist by Spotify and if you feel like following me on Spotify, I would also appreciate that as they are a very well recognized digital streaming outlet worldwide and the exposure that could result is immeasurable. Direct link is https://open.spotify.com/artist/5JXIdMYtpmozCSvhQ5rB0i

Thank you all again and I will see you soon.

Parlor Jones