It took 60 years to write this song

It took 60 years to write this song. Well initially it only took a few weeks but from its inception to final commercial recorded release to the public took 60 years.

And here is the new Album CD. Get your physical copy soon!
And here is the new Album CD. Get your copy.

In 1958 I sat on my living room floor listening to my mom and dad and my aunt sitting around this old machine the left spools of vinyl thread everywhere. Well, by the time I was done playing with it. I think it was made by Victrola but I’m not sure. In any case it was a record cutting machine that would cut lacquer Audiodiscs from blanks. My parents would sit on the sofa in the living room singing the song lyrics and melody to “Our Love” and other songs into a  microphone, The initial recording was laid down in 1958 when I was only five years old. In fact, the intro to “Wanting To Share” on the same album Elements contains the audio of 5 year old Parlor singing “Jesus Loves The Little Children” from the same time period. It’s strange to have me as a five year old singing on a song that I wrote and recorded 60 years later.

For many years after I would listen to this original song “Our Love” played on a record player turntable and later transferred to cassette tapes, scratchiness and all. Only this past year did I decide to record a new version of it myself after contributing to the arrangement and song structure and releasing it for the first time on my 2018 album release “Elements”. 

This song was recorded in my home studio using Presonus Studio One and all of the tracks and vocals were performed by me and my long time friend and great vocalist Jann Childers who contributed backing vocals.

So 60 years later “Our Love” is born and released to the public. The amazing thing to me is how reminiscent of a Beatles sounding song this finished recording is especially considering the fact that it was written primarily five years before the Beatles ever made their worldwide debut. I would have to say that it is my fond admiration of the Beatles writing and what they contributed to the world that added to the influence heard in this song.

You can listen to this song and others on my YouTube channel and you can also purchase it on any of the current streaming outlets such as CDBaby. Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, Apple Music, GooglePlay and the list goes on. I hope you enjoy listening to some of my music catalog and I look forward to creating and releasing more original music for you to listen to. Thank you for listening. 



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